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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

You have an excellent day ahead, Cancer. It's likely to open new horizons for you at a time when the future may have seemed bleak. If old issues related to your family resurfaced some time ago, they may be resolved in a surprising way today. In any case, this is an ideal opportunity to seek answers from your ancestors.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

There are days when a little humility can be good for you, Cancer, and this might be one of those days. It's as if the planets are talking to you about sincerity and taking you far away from the trappings of superficiality and popularity. The things that are important to you today are much deeper concepts of humanity and compassion.

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The crab's tendency to live in the past is more pronounced in singlehood, but romance blooms as you remove obstacles and achieve personal goals. A born lover with a tender heart, Cancer is easily wounded by the harsh realities of the world. To protect yourself, you establish a secure perimeter and stockpile defense mechanisms, but these end up removing you from the ones you love. Instead of battling the worries of your past, seek the counsel of an astrologer who can help break you out of that bunker so you can boldly offer the gifts you bring to a soulmate relationship.

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Cancer Facts

Dates: June 21 - July 22
Symbol: Crab
Sociability Scale: Mild Introvert
Optimist Scale: Deep Optimist
Best Day of the Week: Monday
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: The Rabbit
Friends Who Keep Your Secrets: Leo, Aquarius
Romance Month: November
Element Energy: The Stone (Fixed Earth)
Key Area of Your Body: Hands
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Karmic Love Partner: Capricorn
Zodiac Birthstone: Ruby

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