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  • Congratulations to Our Raffle Winners!

    Team Keen would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our #FindYourClarity raffle! Countless Keen users and advisors alike posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and right … more

  • Welcome to the New Era of Keen!

    Every day, thousands connect on Keen to find clarity: clarity of the heart, clarity of the mind, and clarity of the soul. The Keen product has always been a beacon for transformation, insight, and … more

  • New Moon New Me!

    Tags: New Moon

    As some of you may know, next Wednesday is the new moon — the perfect time for new chances, goal setting and fresh starts. To celebrate this new beginning, Keen wants to give YOU $10 Keen … more

  • Our #KeenOnTheRoad Journey Begins!

    Tags: Contest

    We're excited to announce the kick off of our three-month long #KeenOnTheRoad Contest! Beginning now and through the end of the summer, we'll be posting fun questions or photo challenges … more

  • How Has Keen Changed Your Life? #Contest

    Tags: Contest

     Whether your goals are improving your relationships, your career, or anything else your heart desires, every conversation on Keen plays an impact in your journey to your best life. This week, … more

  • Psychic FAQ: Your Ultimate Guide from Keen

    Tags: Psychic FAQ

    When it comes to psychics and psychic readings, there's no question that it's a tricky and controversial subject. What is the psychic phenomena? How do psychics receive information? Oh, and of … more

  • 5 Psychic Truths From Keen

    If you’re considering speaking to a psychic or intuitive reader on Keen for answers to serious questions about your relationships, career, family, or any matter about your life, … more

  • Mastering Emotions - Overcoming Jealousy (Part II)

    Much of the time, we find ourselves struggling with jealousy amid relationship conflict. And while these feelings are relatively normal, the problem with jealousy is that the bitterness and … more

  • Mastering Emotions - Overcoming Rejection (Part I)

    As much as we may tell ourselves that we don’t need anyone’s approval, beneath it all, we all desire to belong, to be accepted by others, to be loved, and desired. We& … more

  • Focus On ME

    Now that the prepping, planning, shopping, and stressing for others has hopefully slowed, it's time to sit back and take a breather. It's time to focus on YOU.

    When life moves, it can move pretty … more

  • 5 Spiritual Resolutions that Will Change Your Life

    2016 brought many drama's and subsequent endings. 2017 will represent the opposite. For this reason, resolutions can be served well here, as we begin again with knowledge and lessons from the past … more

  • The Gifts Everyone Should Give this Holiday Season

    While the holidays may only last for a short period of time, the energy around the season is transcendent. Our ability to give to others shouldn’t have to end when the season ends – … more

  • We couldn't have done it without you...

    Tags: #GivingTuesday

    The holiday season is a time for giving-- we felt that we should use our platform to promote that very spirit.

    The Keen Cares event happened on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by … more

  • Psychics: The Ultimate Matchmakers?

    Humanity has come a long way—we’ve developed agriculture, electricity, mastered flight, traveled to the moon, created computer and the internet, and developed vaccines that cure … more

  • Introducing the New Mobile-Friendly Keen

    Keen has just launched a new and improved mobile-friendly site and is retiring the old mobile site, Our goal is to improve the service for all of our users that access the website … more